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Seattle Show (FOX 13)

Cold Package

Devastating stories are the hardest stories to tell. This is especially true when you're reporting on one of your classmates. After an exhaustive two week search, Nashville Metro Police recovered the body of missing University of Missouri student Riley Strain. This story broke in the morning, meaning by the time I began planing for my 10 p.m. show, Strain's family, fraternity, and the MU community had time to process the news and react. This is the round-up of our coverage from that day, including a cold package I wrote and edited on this tragic development.

Team Coverage

Mid-Missouri held its Municipal Elections at the beginning of April. The vote led to a lot of shake-ups within city governments across the region. During this 6 p.m. show my goal was to highlight the key positions and propositions on the ballot that viewers needed to be aware of. And, of course, with election night coverage comes team coverage. I successfully queued 4 live reporters during my first block despite issues with our remote IFB system that persisted up to the beginning of the newscast.

Average Day Newscast

This is a great example of an slow news day in Mid-Missouri. Add to that the fact both of your nightside reporters are out sick and a slow news day becomes quite challenging. That being said, it gave me the chance to focus of finding local stories myself and lean on NBC and CNN national coverage. Despite the lack of local content, I think I balanced the two well. I also emphasized building out the key national and international stories in my show. This is also a good example of some of my best teases.

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